We are living accelerated lives and unfortunately we often do not have the time and means to create a healthy lifestyle. In our urbanized surroundings we spend great amounts of time closed off from fresh air in physically and mentally stressful jobs, which has considerably raised the ratio of cardiovascular diseases. The wellness concept offers active recreation and regeneration, a method that provides the „hasty” person with a physical-mental balance and maintains physical fitness. 


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Outdoors and garden pool

Nothing can be more relaxing than lying outdoors, enjoying the sun and napping to the sound of the birds. 


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We can combine all of this with a healthy swim or cooling bathing. 


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If you feel you still have some energy left, a great way to relax is in a well-equipped fitness room. Winding down on the treadmill, cycling, or a fashionable TRX training is guaranteed to assure you a pleasant physical fatigue.


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Relax in the splendid Finnish sauna, or if you don’t like high temperatures our bio and infra saunas are meant for you. 


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Should you desire a relaxing hot steam bath, we have that too. After spending time in the sauna it feels great to rest in the salt therapy room covered by Himalayan salt, or to plunge into the jacuzzi up the next floor. 


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