Our Kitchen


Our kitchen


Skiing at beautiful sites and enjoying dashing through the open air all day - anyone would get hungry after a day like that. Our kitchen brigade was chosen from the best; we have provided them with the latest kitchen equipment and asked them to let their imagination fly to create the tastiest dishes for our guests, so that they can feel they are served by a 5-star kitchen.


Quality ingredients, gentle cooking procedures and respect for traditions are the hallmark of our philosophy of food. Although our kitchen is predominantly international, we pay attention to preparing each ethnic dish as authentically as possible, whether it is Italian, French, Spanish, Austrian or Hungarian.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating: be our guest and we hope you will experience and value the excellent service and our uncompromising policy when it comes to quality.








One of the most ancient sins of mankind is that we cannot resist beautifully served and delicious sweets. Countless variations in taste, the silky chocolate, delicious and sweet cream are all challenges against our weight. But we know that those who come to our resort for active recreation need a little spoiling after a day full of sports, so our confectioners prepare the most delicious deserts day after day.


But specialties do not stop us from taking extra care in selecting the finest ingredients, so that the dominating taste is not only the sweetness of sugar but we also surprise our guests with taste experiences they have not had before, and where only the memories of Granny’s cakes can compare.